My Self-Isolation & Work From Home (WFH) Experience during the COVID-19 Outbreak

So it is going on one week of working from home, and I just wanted to share my experience. I am surviving. My roommate Britani and I are ...

Feeling ‘Off’? Try This 15 Minute Meditation

People are busy. From work to family to relationships, taking care of yourself is often pushed to the back burner. This might be fine...

I Went To Church On Sunday (sort of!)

It’s been years since I’ve stepped foot in a church, but last Sunday, I went to church. Alright, well, it wasn’t actually a churc...

Stretches To Start Your Day (Sun Salutations 🌞)

Step-by-step instructions on how to energize your body in the morning (or whenever you need a pick-me-up!)
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