Halfway Through My Journey

We just finished Week Four and I feel good. I jumped some personal hurdles this weekend and feel confident I'm on the right path in life. How incredible is it that I get to experience that feeling at such a young age? I'm also so grateful for my new tribe of friends. I trust them fully. In respect to the yoga teacher training, we have a lot of dialogue to memorize, and I'll be honest, I was feeling like it was impossible to learn it all going into the weekend. But, if I'm even more honest, I didn't commit as much time to it as I could have during the week. I like my leisure time! I take after my family on that one. This week, however, I vow to commit at least 30 minutes per day to memorization. I've been writing down the script because I've heard reading your handwriting helps with that.

Harnessing Energy
On Saturday, we learned from local legend Debby Dowling. She opened my eyes to the energy within the body. We started that lecture by rubbing our hands together like you would during winter time. After a minute or two, we held our hands apart an inch to see if we could "feel" the energy. I felt a pulsating feeling journey from my left hand to my right. It was amazing. We then tried to harness that energy by moving our hands further apart. I found myself rolling my hands around an imaginary ball of energy. It sounds crazy, but you could feel something. It wasn't nothing. Then, we brought the hands back together until we felt a resistance. I didn't know what that meant until my hands were about an inch apart again. I could feel a blockage, pushing my hands apart. It was incredible; I never knew we had this ability to harness energy! I encourage you to give a try right now. If you don't feel anything, rub your hands together longer and be sure to sit up straight, clearing the mind. Deep breathing should also help. Let me know below if you felt anything!

Diving into the Chakras
Beyond this, Debby taught us about the seven main chakras. There can be thousands of chakras, according to Debby, but there are seven most common ones running from the tip of the tailbone to the crown of the head. Basically, chakras are the line of energy flowing through the body. Each corresponds to a different part of the body and is typically associated with a specific color. Debby compared each chakra to a spinning wheel. If it spins too slowly, or too quickly, the flow of energy is disrupted. If one (or some) is out of whack, it will manifest in different ways in your life. For example, if the fifth chakra is not aligned, you may believe you are always right, be unwilling to see others' point of view or have trouble communicating. This is because the fifth chakra is associated with the throat. There are different ways to combat a misaligned chakra. There is no right or wrong way; different tactics resonate with different people. In class, we practiced various chants. You may have probably heard of the "OM" chant, often used in yoga practice. For an out of whack throat chakra, for example, sit up straight and say aloud "HĀM" with a long "a" sound (no, not like how you pronounce the meat). Or, maybe just holding a blue color crystal and thinking about the energy flowing in that area might help. Like most yoga practices, you have to have an open mind, of course. 

To learn more about the signs your chakras are out of balance, check out the cheat sheet by Debby below. 

If you're intrigued further, there is a ton of information online. I recommend looking around on Google for one that resonates with you. I even found a Doctor Oz video on restoring the chakras. (Full disclosure, I didn't watch it, so I'm not sharing the link here).

I'm excited to hear about your experience with harnessing the body's energy, as well as your experience with the chakras. 

Learn more about the wonderful Debby at her website, debbydowling.com/about-debby. 

Four more weekends to go! I don't know what I'll do after graduation on June 9; I'll miss my tribe deeply but know we'll all stay in touch! Maybe they'll even come to my classes ;) Big shout out to my mother, Robbin, my family and my friends. You guys keep me on my path.


  1. Yes your mother tried it as you knew I would. I did "feel" something and I did feel the blockage putting my hands back together. I was relaxed and deep breathing while doing it. I will try it again soon. I love that I can read about your journey and feel with you every step of the way. Can I be you? I'm your Mom! Love Always

    1. Yippee! Thanks for trying, mother dearest! Glad to hear you felt something! Can't wait to try together! :)


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