Friday, September 6, 2019

A Quick Hello

Hello everyone,

While this blog is dedicated to yoga and finding inner peace, I want to be clear that that isn't what my entire life is all about. I mean, I wish my days were filled with 24 hours of meditation, stretching and mindfulness, but let's be real. We have jobs to do, friends to see and family to love.

So, this post is a reminder that not everybody is who they present themselves to be online. Most of my week is spent at a desk working as the Associate Editor for an auto racing trade show and publication (shoutout to PRI)! I also spend a lot of time relaxing at home, preferably with my 11-year-old terrier mix Lady Stella at my feet. I also spend time chatting, both on the phone and over text, with my lovely mother dearest, who is back in South Florida. I certainly miss her dearly as I've been in Southern California for the past three years. Mom pushes me to better myself, both professionally and personally, and she is the reason I am writing this post today. Yesterday was her birthday and it was nice to hear how our immediate family made her feel special. So, I hope this post is one more way to make Mom feel special. Thank you to the most supportive, hilarious, smart and dedicated mother out there. Leanne and I are truly fortunate to have you as our Mom. Happy birthday, again, and see you in December. ❤️

Love always,


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  1. Aww, so much love!
    Happy birthday to your Mom, Dorene ( ◜‿◝ )♡


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