Wednesday, October 30, 2019

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I Went To Church On Sunday (sort of!)

It’s been years since I’ve stepped foot in a church, but last Sunday, I went to church.

Alright, well, it wasn’t actually a church, but The Forum in Los Angeles. And it wasn’t your typical Catholic Service, but Kanye West’s Sunday Service to celebrate the new "Jesus Is King" album. And if you know me, you know Ye is one of my all time favorite artists.

The area surrounding the stage was made up of tall grasses and flowers, giving it a natural feel. Outdoorsy sounds like twittering birds played over the speakers as people filed into the venue and found their seats. Many were wearing Kanye merch, some were in Golf apparel, but a few were all gussied up just like for church.

The show started with a crowd of white-clothed performers, led by Kanye and North West, taking to the stage. They began with “Closed On Sunday” from his new album, which was fitting for the event because it references the same Sunday Service we were attending. For some background, Kanye has been hosting a Sunday Service frequently in secret venues for the elite and invited. He also hosted on on Easter Sunday at Coachella (which made me insanely jealous at the time).

Each choir member had their own mic headset, which filled the venue with angelic voices. The choir was led by Jason White, who provided inspirational messages to segue between songs. It was my first experience with Jason, and a great one. At one point, he said God always shows you the way. When you can go left or right, or you feel stuck, God will tell you what to do. I thought that was beautiful.

Dillon Francis also made an appearance on the piano. That was followed by Clipse for his verse on “Use This Gospel,” as well as the legendary Kenny G and his saxophone. The crowd went wild for Kenny.

A pastor did take the mic for about five minutes, discussing John 3:16. While it wasn’t quite my cup of tea, a few audience members were feeling it, and I was able to resonate with it in my own way.

“Father Stretch My Hands,” “Ultralight Beam,” and “Fade” from Kanye’s previous album, “The Life Of Pablo,” were also performed. It was so amazing to hear those songs in a gospel setting, with dozens of voices coming together; it gave me goosebumps.

We even heard North say “hello,” and I’m convinced she grabbed a mic to do so on her own. It was so adorable.

It was so much fun to let go and dance to the beat, even though we were the few in our section vibing to the music. I felt silly because of this, but I channeled my inner Kanye and went all out.

We had to leave a bit early so I could see my sister perform in Long Beach (shout out to Leanne and Fem Body Fitness), but we left dancing the entire way out during a lively session of Jamaican music.

All in all, it was an otherworldly experience. I’m still in awe we went, considering we bought the tickets for $10 the day before. I’ll cherish my time at Sunday Service for a lifetime. Thank you to the King and Kanye West.

To watch the entire Sunday Service at The Forum on 10/27/19, view the live stream recap here.


  1. Hey Laure! Happy you got to see that, I think it sounds awesome. Philipp also went last year. Love john 3:16, this is the promise!


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