Friday, March 27, 2020

My Self-Isolation & Work From Home (WFH) Experience during the COVID-19 Outbreak

So it is going on one week of working from home, and I just wanted to share my experience. I am surviving. My roommate Britani and I are doing fine. We are taking care of our dog, Stella. I myself have been getting my groceries from It's a website that delivers vegetables, fruits, and grocery items to your doorstep. I also got a bunch of snacks off of last week. So, I'm pretty stocked up myself. 

As far as exercise, I have not been doing that much. Granted, you know, I didn't do too much every single day, but I have not been up to any sort of routine besides walking Stella. So, just a few days ago, I started running,. And, the first run kicked my butt. But,  you know, it's just something I'm going to work with and see what works best for me. I used to go to my hot yoga studio, Sweatstar, a couple of times a week. And I miss it a lot. So, maybe I'll incorporate, some YouTube videos, like Yoga With Adriene. And when I'm actually working, I try to get up every hour or so, because sitting for eight hours a day is taking a toll on my body. I'll try to do some jumping jacks, you know, 10 or something, just to get my body moving. Or, I'll do a couple of squats or sit-ups or push-ups. 

We actually have, amongst our coworkers, we have this online working document where you can put in how many sit-ups and push-ups you do, which is fun because we had something like that in our office. So it's cute that we're still doing that, and also reminds me that I need to keep doing the stuff that I'm used to. So, at my normal work desk, I'm actually used to standing because you can adjust the height. And I normally try to do my work while standing a couple of hours a day. Before I started working from home, I didn't realize how much standing impacts my body. I feel like sitting all day just hurts. My whole body hurts at the end of eight hours. So, I'll actually randomly stand up in the living room while we're watching Netflix and like just be weirdly standing in the corner watching TV. Luckily Britani is used to my weird stuff by now and doesn't question me.  

So that's what I've been doing to keep the blood flowing and carry on as usual. Otherwise, there's nothing really new. We've been cleaning a lot more because we have a ton more free time. And also, you know, it's kind of essential right now. I've been trying to use natural cleaning products, even though I feel like Lysol and like hardcore products might be vital to killing the virus. But I've been going with natural because I don't think I am carrying the virus. But anyway, I've been using a lot of my Young Living essential oils starter kit, which I bought a few weeks ago. I'll clean with their Thieves home cleaner; I actually have a package of some more on the way now. While I'm working, I'll diffuse Peace and Calming blend, which I love the smell of. And, sometimes I'll do Citrus or Lemon just to freshen up my day. 

So, that's the latest and greatest with my life. I just wanted to give a little shout out and know that I'm still here for you! 

Take care.

-Ya girl

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