Should Your Business Be On Twitter?

Twitter might not be the first social media platform you think of when planning your business’ marketing strategy. (If your business is struggling in the online marketing department, learn why social media isn’t working for you here).

However, running a Twitter account for your company can be beneficial for many purposes.

Reasons Your Business Should Have a Twitter Account

  • It’s free. Aside from the time it takes to run an account (more on that, below), there’s no cost involved with creating a profile and making regular posts for your business.
  • Connect with customers in real-time. Twitter comments have a more immediate and personal feel to them compared to Facebook and Instagram. Similar to those platforms, businesses can use Twitter to keep in contact with clients on current happenings. It can also help build your audience by promoting the latest from your company. Twitter is also a great place to monitor your brand reputation and respond to customer service requests and questions.
  • Stay in the know in your industry. Twitter is the best platform for real-time news and happenings and can help your business tap into the latest trends. Start by following your competitors and similar businesses in your field.
  • Build your brand’s voice. Twitter is considered a more laidback platform than Facebook or Instagram. Businesses can use this freedom to experiment with their tone and have a more conversational and casual relationship with their customers. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box—just remember to keep things lighthearted and PG.
Challenges Associated with Running a Business Twitter
  • Required Resources. Like all social media pages, Twitter takes time to manage. The most successful accounts are actively daily, engaging with other profiles, or creating original posts.
  • Platform Restrictions. Unlike Facebook (63,206 character limit) and Instagram (2,200 character limit), Twitter heavily limits its users with a 280 character limit, making it difficult to get your usual social media marketing messages across.
  • More Public Platform. Twitter comments appear in an endless scroll format underneath each tweet. On Facebook and Instagram, you need to “click to read more comments.” This can be beneficial when your customers praise your work, but it’s vital to provide a proper response if they post a complaint.
Twitter can be a beneficial tool for businesses, small and large alike, but it demands the proper knowledge and attention. For those unable to hire a full-time employee, digital marketing agencies can provide affordable social media management with tangible results.

Social Media by Laura T. Pitts, based in Costa Mesa, California, provides complete digital and social media management, including:
  • Digital ad management
  • Organic post creation and management
  • Daily monitoring and monthly reporting
  • Responses to comments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and search engines like Yelp, Google, etc.
  • Digital marketing, including email management, content creation, blog management, and more.
Contact Laura today via email at and mention this blog entry for a free quote.

Bottom Image: Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash
Lead Image: Chris J. Davis on Unsplash


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